We will visit the fabulous beaches on the north coast of Salvador towards Sergipe, Starting from our hotel, or the airport we will show you all the different beaches along the coastline, Jauá, Arembepe, the pier, Barra de Jaquipe (here we will have time to swim in the river and the see and have lunch ) From here we drive to Praia do Forte where we discover the small town and enyoj a nice walk along the shops and restaurants.                  

Experience the  on day trip from our hotel or the airport up close, the unique opportunity to watch the humpback whales on open water  in front of Praia de Forte . Transfer, visit the Wal - Institutes , and the “schooner” boat trip to the whales.

from our hotel, or the airport we will bring you to Arembepe where we will visit the turtles.

ask us for a more private experience on a charter boat

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Starting from our hotel, or the airport we will bring you to the beach where the River Jojuca meets the see, from there we go by bout up the river to the raging water, here we go on walking a bit into the atlantic florest and watch the stunning nature. on the way back you can try the one person funicular to cross the river. Back at the beach we have plenty time to eat, drink and enjoy the beachlive the brazilian way.........                            

Prices per person, english speaking privat guide.                        

Advice:  leave you juleries at the hotel, cash aswell take just what you need for the day, credit cards are anywhee acepted, dont ferget a sun protection. 

For further questions we are happy to help you


HELITOUR North Coast HeliAIRtour:

Shutle from our / your hotel  to the heliport (close to SSA airport)  from here we fly about 40 minutes  above the beaches all the way to Praia do Forte .

Prices are for 2 persons with english speaking guide.

2499,- Reais


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Northcoast beaches and Praia de Forte with Projeto Tomar:  

249.- Reais

Jungle Boat Tour:    

249.- Reais

Whalewatching Praia de Forte only july to oct. 

 249.- Reais

SEA TURTLES in Arembepe Projeto Tomar  

200.- Reais

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